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SXSW Music 2014

Optimize Your Online Store - Sell More, Earn More

Is your website's store just a digital lemonade stand? It could be a powerful revenue driver if it's designed & managed effectively. Get insights from e-commerce and merchandising experts on how to build & run a profitable online store and maximize the revenue potential from your fan base. Whether you're an indie act or an established star, you'll learn useful tips on how to sell more units, earn more money, and avoid common mistakes & pitfalls.

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  1. How does a store's design affect a user's experience and ultimately impact sales? What designs are proven to work best?
  2. What products should you offer in your store, and how should you price them?
  3. How can you handle order fulfillment to provide the best experience for your customers (and the fewest headaches for yourself)?
  4. What are some common mistakes and pitfalls that prevent online stores from realizing their true potential?
  5. Should smaller artists approach e-commerce differently than mid-tier or large acts? How can each group make the most of their online store?



Jason Spitz, Chief Awesome Officer, The Spitz Agency

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  • Tags: ecommerce, retail
  • Event: Music
  • Format: Panel
  • Track: Online Sales/Subscriptions
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