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Your Friends Have Bad Taste: Fixing Social Music

Music is the most social form of entertainment consumption, but online music has failed to deliver truly social & connected music experiences. Social media updates telling you your aunt listened to Hall and Oates doesn’t deliver on the promise of social music. As access-based, streaming music becomes more mainstream, the current failure & huge potential of social music is becoming clearer. A variety of app developers & online music services are working to create experiences that use music to connect friends & use friends to connect you with new music you’ll love. This talk will uncover how to make social music a reality, including:
*Musical Identity (MI) – who we are as music fans and how understanding MI is unlocking social music apps
*If my friend uses Spotify & I use Rdio, can we still be friends? ID resolution & social sharing challenges
* Discovery issue: finding like-minded fans & relevant expert music curators
* A look at who's actually building the future of social music

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  1. How are online music services applying an understanding of music taste (Musical Identity) to create smarter social music experiences?
  2. What is social discovery and how does it really work in music?
  3. What approaches are being taken to solve the lack of interoperability amongst music services toward truly “frictionless sharing”?
  4. Who are the most innovative developers and hackers building the future of social music?
  5. What does the evolution of social music from old-school mix tape sharing to newer constrained sharing options means for fans?



Marni Greenberg, Director, Corporate Communications, The Echo Nest

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