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Young Guns & Science Commercialization

There is a bloated $1.5 trillion that goes into global R&D annually. Due to strong cultural difference between the labs and private industry, a majority of the science stays locked at the lab bench.

A model that include students across the globe is being experimented with that allows for market pull tech commercialization. It allows for parallel commercialization at scale. It allows for our bloated innovation capacity to be adequately met with the proper investment and entrepreneurship capacity.

Alta Ventures is pioneering a new path for unlocking breakthroughs across the energy, security, health, and materials sector and commitment to solve grand challenges with their disciplined work on advanced technologies. This is the path to an abundant future.

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  1. What are the cultural differences trapping science in the labs?
  2. What assets need to be in place to make the model work?
  3. What are some cases and outcomes of successful technology commercialization and how they affect the world? Why should I care?
  4. What is the new model that will realign all the stakeholders for accelerated commercialization?
  5. What can I do to aid in this initiative?



Jonathan Van, Project Manager, Alta Ventures

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