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Game Based Civic Engagement & Global Youth

The rapidly expanding global population between the ages of 15 and 24 is a reality affecting many countries around the world. In regions such as the Middle East, more than 60% of the population is under the age of 30. Amidst challenging circumstances, this youth have harnessed and demonstrated the power of social media to connect bringing about dramatic social changes.

Can social games help empower youth to develop the skills, passion and knowledge to build vibrant societies and be active citizens? With around 160 million people playing games on Facebook, this youth bulge offers unique opportunities for positive social change through the use of gaming and other participatory media.

Join this panel of experts from USAID, NetHope and E-Line Media for a discussion of “Our City”, a Facebook game, piloted in Jordan, and designed to foster civic learning and real-world engagement. Part of the IYCE initiative, funded by USAID and developed in partnership with NetHope an E-Line Media.

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Learning Objectives

  1. Can a Facebook social city-building game optimized for fun, engagement, and systemic understanding of the key components involved in building a sustainable city can drive higher levels of civic participation among youth in Jordan? How gameplay mechanics and components were optimized for civic learning and participation, both in the digital and real-world? Did youth take action? Did the Player learn key concepts around being an engaged citizen? Impact assessment results to be shared
  2. Challenges and benefits when working in a complex, international, multi-stake holder partnership • Effectiveness and challenges of development, programming and sustainability model? • Process for engaging in-country partners and encouraging their ongoing support? • What went right? • What went wrong? • What lessons where learned?
  3. Is this an effective tool and model to be replicated around the region and globally? To tackle other impact areas?



Carolina Torres, Game Producer, E-Line Media

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