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SXSW Music 2014

UK Television: 10 Rules For Music Placement

The UK has over 400 television channels which, in total, broadcast in excess of 1 million items of music per week.
The impact of UK television exposure on artist careers cannot be underestimated. UK television placement can significantly raise the profile of artists, generate revenue and create hits!
No wonder artists, managers, record co’s and publishers target UK television producers with their new releases. International artists from MGMT to The Lumineers have grown successful careers in the UK from key placements in UK television.
Unlike the USA, UK broadcasters have blanket licences with collecting agencies which create many of these opportunities. The landscape of music placement in UK television is a unique eco-system where remarkable music and innovative television can work in partnership to create dynamic, profile raising and profitable content.
For the first time at SXSW, this session will lay out the 10 rules of successful placement on UK television.

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  1. What are the unique attributes of the UK television landscape including blanket licensing agreements and the roles played by PPL and PRS?
  2. Who are the key players and gatekeepers in UK television that generate placement opportunities for artists and composers?
  3. Is music use on television in the UK to be viewed primarily as a money spinner or is it about promotion in the UK music marketplace?
  4. What are the models of best practice to ensure that music submissions are "pitch ready" for UK television?
  5. How can an emerging artist leverage other financial and promotional opportunities from a successful pitch on UK television?



Mark Gordon, CEO, Score Draw Music

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