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SXSW Film 2014

Co-Creating Reality : Future Documentary

This panel will change the way you make film – forever. Documentary tells the truth, or at least a truth; but what happens when documentary is co-created with the artists formerly known as the audience? What happens to editorial control when filmmakers work with audience as co-producers from the get go?
From fans of a mysterious masked Elvis to isolated Peruvian communities this panel, curated by REACT hub explores communities as co-creators within recent ‘Future Documentary’ productions. Leading UK filmmakers will discuss how they hold on to what’s great about documentary - it’s ability to elicit empathy, impart wisdom and inspire change - whilst exploring the new forms of engagement that are enabled by the internet, mobiles and changing audience behaviours. How to design for co-creation that gets beyond marketing? How to change the production process so that participation builds new kinds of media spaces not just markets for our films?

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  1. How can we find suitable business models, distribution channels and presentation formats that enable audiences to participate and contribute?
  2. How do you acknowledge audience contribution financially when co-creating? Are micropayments a viable option?
  3. What happens to editorial integrity, voice, analysis or argument when the film is co created? Can auteurs and co-creators truly exist side by side?
  4. How do you tap into sub cultures of fandom and build communities around your film and what do you do with your community when the film is finished?
  5. What are the spillover benefits of co-creating with audiences in terms of distribution and exposure?



Matt Davenport, Producer, Watershed

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