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SXSW Music 2014

Getting Your Music Heard in the Streaming Age

It is a golden age for music fans: with just a couple of clicks, it's possible to hear almost anything that's ever been recorded. This is a boon to consumers but it can be difficult for developing artists, who have to compete not only with thousands of new acts but also the legacy of the past. Given this abundance of music, what are the most effective strategies for developing artists to be heard in this streaming age? Will the greatest number of ears hear you through streaming radio stations, such as Pandora or Apple's new iTunes Radio? Is it more effective to be grouped in with recommended artists on a service like Rdio? Do listeners pay more attention to what their friends are listening to on Spotify or or do they prefer curated features on eMusic or playlists on Songza? In this session, Rovi senior editor Stephen Thomas Erlewine discusses these issues and how some seemingly tedious behind-the-scenes work such as strong metadata and tagging can yield great rewards.

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  1. What are the most effective strategies for developing artists to be heard in today's streaming age given the abundance of music that they must compete with including new acts as well as the legacy of the past?
  2. How do streaming radio stations and services impact the consumer music discovery experience, and influence target audience as well as audience size?
  3. Do services providing groupings with recommended artists, curated features or playlists help developing artists gain awareness of their work by music fans?
  4. What impact does social media and friends’ playlists have on music fans, and how will this trend in the future?
  5. What are the techniques and technologies that artists can deploy behind-the-scenes such as implementing metadata and tagging that can help drive exposure?



Kristin Hehir, PR Consultant, Rovi Corporation

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