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SXSW Interactive 2013

Web Native Design

Twenty-one years since its invention and we are still not designing for the web. Continually viewed through the lens of other mediums, content remains constrained by the rituals of print while products are hindered by a desire to mimic native applications.

As everything becomes more connected, only the web can deliver compelling experiences that work across a range of devices. But in order to take advantage of this diversity, we need to embrace the web’s inherent nature, not fight against it. Responsive Web Design is a step on the path to acceptance, but we’ve much further to travel. Only by understanding the materials we work with can we can properly shape them.

In this session, learn about the principles that govern the web, how they can inform our designs, and understand why working in cross-disciplined teams is essential if we’re to build products that fulfil the potential of the web.

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  1. What practices are stopping us from treating the web as a medium in it’s own right?
  2. How can collaboration between designer and developer enhance the experience for both, and improve the products that we build for our clients and users?
  3. How can understanding HTTP (the how), URLs (the where) and HTML (the what) inform our product decisions; from IA to visual design?
  4. What do websites look like when properly designed for the medium?
  5. How can we seek inspiration from other digital platforms without being governed by their constraints?



Paul Lloyd, Interaction Designer, Clearleft

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