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Bridging the Teacher-Entrepreneur Divide

Teachers want to bring innovative and effective technology to their classrooms, and EdTech companies need teachers to evaluate their products from inception to launch. Both parties know it's important to work together to build good tools, but often run into the cultural divide that exists between educators and technologists. In this problem solving session, we will bring up the issues that exist between the two groups and facilitate participants in creating a resource that both technologists and teachers can use to learn more about each other and better communicate and collaborate. Participants will work in groups to identify defining features, misconceptions, and points of friction in the cultures of teachers or entrepreneurs. The whole group will then select statements, advice, and anecdotes that will make up a living resource. This resource will exist online, and live on after SXSWedu so that other members of the educator or EdTech communities can learn from it and contribute.

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Katya Hott, Learning Content Producer, E-Line Media

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