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SXSW Music 2014

What is a Brand and How Do You Build One?

“Branding” has become a ubiquitous term that many people use, but few understand… let alone, know ways to build one. Brands and artists need each other more than ever. These relationships must be crafted in a way that authentically protects and enhances both brands. This highly interactive session will define the meaning of a brand and give practical ways to build one. It won’t be talking heads spouting marketing speak. It will be about building sustainable brands and brand-artist relationships.

A panel of branding pros will join Paul in discussing successful brand-artist partnerships. Paul’s Nashville-based consumer engagement agency, Access Brand Strategies, helps clients build brands in the New Heartland, home to 60% of US consumers. His agency has helped many major brands and artists create successful relationships. For example, Beyonce/Verizon, Lipton/Lady Antebellum, Mountain Dew/Jason Aldean/Brantley Gilbert/Stoney Larue, and Pepsi/Blake Shelton, to name a few.

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  1. What exactly is a brand? It's crucial to know the meaning of what a brand is before you try to build one. Creating a brand strategy is vital in building a successful brand.
  2. What are the key components of building sustainable brands? There are several elements that must be developed to create a brand that can withstand the many challenges it will face.
  3. How should artists manage endorsements/sponsorships? In order to build a mutually beneficial relationship, artists need to understand the goals of their brand partner.
  4. How can artists find the right brand partnerships (and vice versa)? This includes how to select artists that make sense for the brand, and how to execute campaigns that utilize the artist in mutually beneficial ways.
  5. Why is knowing The New Heartland important in brand building? Home to a massive group of consumers, knowing and connecting with this important cultural segment is crucial in build a strong brand.



Paul Jankowski, Chief Strategist , Access Brand Strategies

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