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SXSW Music 2014

Moblie Music Marketing: A How To Guide

There are tons of music apps to play with but how should the music business be working with these application to market music?

The panel will include an overview of the latest apps and a series of case studies to illustrate the performance of Republic Record's 2013 mobile marketing campaigns.

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  1. Apps apps apps, as far as the eye can see but what are the ones you really should be messing with and why? A brief overview of the leading mobile music apps and key opportunities with each.
  2. What's working and not working in mobile advertising? A review of Republic Records top performing mobile partners including CPC, CTR and eCPM results
  3. Does location matter? Republic Records geo-fencing case study results.
  4. Programmatic buying vs Contextual advertising, which is better?
  5. What are the promotional opportunities you can take advantage of when you have no money to play with?



Theda Sandiford, VP, Digital Marketing, Republic Records

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