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SXSW Interactive 2014

Conquering the Dark Side of Social Media

There is a lot of talk about social media in the business world, but there is one side of social media continually overlooked: The Dark Side. Businesses must remember that communication via social media constitutes *business communication* just like press releases and support phone calls. Unfortunately, this means that social media communication is also subject to legal requirements, compliance rules, and potential e-discovery during litigation. It’s easy to understand how something might go wrong given that social media content is largely unscripted and broadcast entirely in public.

In actuality, some things have already gone wrong. In this session, we will examine real world incidents and eye opening legal cases directly related to social media. We will explore the circumstances behind each incident and identify key learnings to help companies avoid potential disaster. While The Dark Side might seem all doom and gloom -- and until now, too scary to talk about -- we can conquer it.

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  1. What are three risk-oriented mistakes virtually every company is making today in its approach to social media?
  2. How can an employee publicly bad mouth their own employer on social media and get away with it (and what are the resulting implications to a company’s employee social media policy)?
  3. What steps must organizations in regulated environments (e.g. financial services, pharma, healthcare, etc) take when it comes to allowing the use of social media?
  4. What types of tools and technologies are emerging to help avoid these kinds of issues and prevent tweets from turning into lawsuits?
  5. Is this all just drama, or for real? What’s the potential cost of social media risk? Exactly how expensive has it been for organizations already involved in social media litigation?



Anil Chawla, Founder & CEO, ArchiveSocial

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  • Event: Interactive
  • Format: Solo
  • Track: Privacy and Security
  • Level: Intermediate
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