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SXSW Music 2014

The Value of Music Export Offices

One of the fastest growing sub sectors of the music industry is the music export office. To be honest, without them, SXSW would be very different, as they are supporting the event not only financially, but also by bringing delegation and bands (i.e talent) to the event. But what is a music export office? How is it best defined? What is its role in the current state of the music business? Is it a bank, an A&R, an educational platform? This is what I want to discuss with 5 music export office reps.

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  1. what is the value of the music export office?
  2. should a music export office have a voice?
  3. how do you define neutrality in the concept of a music export office?
  4. how have festivals changed with the development of music export offices?
  5. what should a music export office be doing? for both its funders and its recipients.



Shain Shapiro, MD, Sound Diplomacy

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