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SXSW Interactive 2013

Beyond Miso & IntoNow: The 1st SocialTV hackathon

Miso & IntoNow are so 2012.
To demonstrate this, we’ll organize the 1st SXSW SocialTV hackathon!
Therefore we cooperate with TV broadcasting stations (e.g. NBC, CNN, Fox), Social Video & IPTV platforms (e.g. YouTube, Vevo, Hulu) and other Databaseproviders (e.g. IMDb, Wikipedia) to give us API-access to database temporarily. Everybody is invited to pitch an idea in the wide range of SocialTV and 2nd Screen based on that data. May it be a widget, an app or plug-in or just an improved user experience on a broadcasters website – everything is possible: it only has to be done by 24h of development.
Via voting we’ll identify the 10 best ideas. These ideas will be developed during the live hackathon in teams of up to 8 participants compiled of strategists, UI experts and developers. The objective of the 1st SXSW Social TV hackathon? To go beyond all 2nd Screen provider to gain the best and hottest idea for 2013. 24h of pitching, thinking and developing but no sleeping!

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  1. What do users expect of a SocialTV and 2nd Screen applications?
  2. How can we improve the user experience in this field?
  3. How can we improve the interface usability of existing SocialTV and 2nd Screen applications?
  4. What excitement can we gain out of existing databases to form a new 2nd Screen user experience?
  5. How much development is possible within 24h of teamwork?



Kevin Proesel, Creative Director, Saint Elmo's Entertainment

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  • Event: Interactive
  • Format: Other
  • Track: DIY, Hacker and Maker
  • Level: Intermediate
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