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Devleopers - The Missing Link for Girls In Tech

There are three elements critical to getting more girls into tech: finding the girls, strong programs, and our focus here--effective instructors. Notice that we did not use the word teacher, as there simply aren’t enough traditional school teachers to fill this role. We’ve been successful with and advocate activating instructors from another place: the developer and IT community.

Developers and the IT community are an untapped resource passionate about and highly capable of helping to solve the issue. They simply aren’t sure how or where to volunteer.

Through our work at, we have seen that this group has been eager to help and is truly inspirational to the girls in our program. They have been key to creating our curriculum and teaching these workshops.

In this talk we will give tips and steps to create a structured way to engage and use this community to alter the course of girls in tech.

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Tracey Welson-Rossman , Founder, TechGirlz

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