SXSW Interactive 2013

Curation + Crowdsourcing + Creation = Love

Susan Gregg Koger, co-founder and chief creative officer of, launched her online boutique with limited resources--a college dorm room full of vintage wares and a keen eye for retro aesthetics that's made the site popular among vintage lovers. Since then, the business has grown rapidly by expanding its loyal fan base. Much of this growth can be credited to high levels of community engagement. With ModCloth’s popular Be the Buyer program, fans can vote designs into production--a seamless marriage of curation, followed by creation vetted by crowdsourcing. ModCloth’s Make the Cut Contest asks participants to submit design sketches with the chance to have these designs produced and sold, with finalists hand-picked by Susan. Susan will speak to the challenges and exciting opportunities presented in this new climate of community collaboration, in addition to discussing how to leverage crowdsourcing not as a buzzword, but by infusing it into the DNA of a business.

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  1. How can this love triangle of curation, crowdsourcing, and creation be leveraged while maintaining a strong aesthetic?
  2. What does the future of fashion democratization look like?
  3. How can you cut through the noise and identify key tastemakers via crowdsourcing?
  4. What are the challenges a business might face when producing community driven designs?
  5. How is technology changing the face of fashion?


  • Susan Gregg Koger, co-founder and chief creative officer, ModCloth


Turi Fesler, Outreach & Events Manager, ModCloth

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  • Tags: fashion, crowdsourcing
  • Event: Interactive
  • Format: Solo
  • Track: Social and Relationships
  • Track 2
  • Level: Beginning
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