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SXSW Interactive 2014

Haters Beware: TV is Everywhere

Here’s a bold prediction: By 2018, Internet TV consumption by consumers will match that of TV broad-casts and pay TV net¬works. Welcome to the world of TV Everywhere. Given the deluge of mobile devices and increasing adoption, consumers expect any screen anywhere to act as a TV screen. TV is no longer the device; it’s the content. Fortunately, as TV Everywhere evolves, new technologies and features are set to deliver:
• Broad availability across any screen
• Synchronized viewing experiences for TV/devices
• Greater audience engagement/personalization
• Higher revenue for TV programmers/operators
• Seamless and customized ad insertion into live, linear and VOD video content
Data from TV Everywhere services will drive more personalized programming and targeted ads that capture the viewers’ attention. It’s a win for advertisers, but also consumers, who tune out ads that disrupt their viewing experience or lack appeal.

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  1. How do you deliver broadcast TV content online and across devices for consumers?
  2. How do you measure the cross-platform environment?
  3. How can you improve ease-of-use access, protect premium video, and provide a variety of content?
  4. What are the monetization opportunities for advertisers?
  5. Which TV broadcasters/programmers are currently leading the pack?


  • Jeremy Helfand, Vice President Video Solutions, Adobe
  • Michael Wise, Vice President of Digital Distribution Architectures, Turner Broadcasting


Gretchen Schaffer, Director, Big Sky Communications

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