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Smart Touring (don't lose your shirt)

Touring is a daunting task for most independent bands because the monetary loss can be substantial. It's a lose-lose scenario unless done correctly. There are some common mistakes that many bands make.

This panel will serve to educate, by discussing the common mistakes that bands make touring, and by revealing both proven and unconventional methods for generating the most crossover fans and merchandise sales all while sustaining a band on the road for the long run.

From creating a livable budget, to establishing professional relationships with club owners or promoters, establishing and maintaining a draw in a new city, and dealing with bands in-fighting, this panel covers it all!

Some topics we'll touch on:

Eating inexpensively on the road
Door Deals VS Guarantees
Gear (Less Is More)
Merchandise (How much to bring/How much can I expect to make/How best to sell it)
Radio Support
Sponsor Support
Working with the locals




Gabe Kubanda, Artist/Tour Owner, Epic Proportions Tour

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