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SXSW Interactive 2014

And the Emmy Goes to … Google Glass

Lights, camera, bandwidth! What happens when your gig as an embedded social media strategist/content creator with one of the most-watched awards shows in the world coincides with your selection as one of the chosen-few Google Glass Explorers? Magic!

After exercising unprecedented behind-the-scenes access to the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences and its many industry events, Margo Rowder illustrates how Google Glass allowed TV fans to feel like Television Academy insiders. As she tells the story through Glass-captured images and video, she and Television Academy President and COO Lucy Hood will discuss how the new wearable technology helped the Television Academy (and the Primetime Emmys) fully embrace social and learn to love the girl with the crazy gadget on her face.

(Note: No celebrities were harmed in the making of this presentation.)

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  1. What was new about the Television Academy’s overall strategy last year, and how did Glass align with that?
  2. How did Glass contribute to a fresh social media strategy for the Television Academy and the Primetime Emmys?
  3. When creating content in/about Hollywood, what advantages does Glass have? Or, what turns regular people into celebrities and celebrities into giddy fanboys and fangirls?
  4. How well did Google Glass content perform toward the Television Academy’s social media goals for 2013’s Primetime Emmys season?
  5. What's Glass's potential moving forward? What are the Television Academy’s recommendations to producers of television or video content on how to incorporate Glass?



Margo Rowder, Social Media Manager, Academy of Television Arts & Sciences

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