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Making Accessible Transportation Modern and Cool

To the millions of travelers with special needs getting from one place to another has been an issue due to inaccessible routes or lack of information about the routes they intend to take. Research in accessible transportation has gained new momentum in recent years as a result of some US Department of Transportation (USDOT) research activities. FHWA Exploratory Advanced Research (EAR) and Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) programs are exploring advancements in Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) and other technologies to improve accessible transportation for people with vision impairment and other disabilities. This session will bring different experts, technologists and perspectives from the USDOT, academia and private sector, and look for ways to collaboratively work to further this research. 2/3 speakers will be added at a later time.

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Mohammed Yousuf, Research Engineer, USDOT/FHWA

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