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SXSWedu 2014

iStories: Teaching with Social Video Self-Modeling

Video Storytelling is a research-based teaching tool that engages students, communicates in a visual language, and creates movies in which the student is the star. Social Stories and Video Self-Modeling combine to develop social, behavioral, communication, and academic skills. Teachers and parents film the students demonstrating a concept, step-by-step, with support as needed, adding language they can use to accomplish their goals. Then the prompts are edited out to showcase the students’ success. As the students see themselves in the movie, doing and saying something new, independently and successfully, the words, actions, and skills empower the students, communicating to their visual memory and providing a key to future problem solving. By providing a visual narrative framework, this progressive model uses students’ strengths to meet their needs. They collaborate on the scripting, filming, and production, learning valuable social, technological, and literacy lessons in the process.

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  1. What is Video Storytelling? Why do Video Stories work so well? How does this combination of evidence-based practices make my teaching even more effective?
  2. How can I use Video Stories to transform deeply ingrained patterns of negative behavior into behaviors that facilitate learning and growth, provide essential language frameworks to students with limited or no language at all, develop life-changing social skills for those who need them most, and make a connection with my most hard-to-reach students, engaging them in their own learning process?
  3. How can I use Video Stories to make the most effective use of my limited time, my students' unique strengths and learning styles, and the basic technological resources available to me in order to create the greatest amount of learning and growth in my students? How can I create my own Video Stories? How can I use my iPhone or iPad to create and show my Video Stories anytime and anywhere? Can I implement this strategy without purchasing any additional software or materials?



Jessica Roberts, Special Educator, Austin ISD

Meta Information:

  • Event: EDU
  • Format: Solo Presentation
  • Track: Accessibility & Special Education
  • Level: Intermediate
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