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How NOT To Produce Movies

Everyone knows how to produce movie, right? You just tell people what to do and it happens, right? Wrong. Producing movies is sometimes like pushing a rock up a hill. At other times it's elating. One thing's for sure - it's never simple. Hear from four veteran filmmakers about their worst moments in production. On-set mishaps, casting woes, weather issues, the works. Learn from their mistakes so you won't have to go through the same, painful trial-and-error.

"How NOT To Produce A Movie" will make seasoned producers laugh with empathy and give young up-and-comers a glimpse at the chaos that comes with the most unsung job in the movies, being a Producer.

Kim Sherman, Marshall Curry, Amy Lo and Matthew Mills are award-winning independent filmmakers with several hundred credits between them. Each offers a different perspective and the same overwhelming love for the art and craft of making movies. Come listen, learn and laugh.

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Matthew Mills, Executive Producer, Spacestation

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