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Anyone Can DJ: Democratization of Music Creation


There’s an ongoing debate over the concept that “anyone can DJ.” But how is that a bad thing? Creating music is something everybody should have the opportunity to do, not only because it’s a fun and life-enriching experience, but because it leads to a greater respect for music and the artists behind it.

Thanks to the drop in both pricing and complexity of the traditional methods for making music, doing so now has the chance to be as common a pastime as basketball. And just as not every kid with a basketball plays in the NBA, not all DJs and producers will make a career or even a living from doing so. Creating music instills an appreciation and respect for music, which ultimately helps the music business. This panel will examine the state of entry-level music creation, the tools available to both create and share original music, and discuss the implications of these resources on the overall music business.


  1. How has creating music gotten easier in recent years, and what are the primary tools/developments that have led to this environment?
  2. In what way does a fanbase that also creates music help professional artists and the music business at large (in terms of increasing the willingness to spend time and money on music related items like albums, merch and concert tickets)?
  3. How is the increasing penetration of home computers & tablets, along with the associated music creation technology and apps that go with them, influencing fans to create music more?
  4. What can the music industry do to encourage more of this behavior (in terms of making artists and industry knowledge more accessible and transparent to fans and aspiring artists)?
  5. What are the economic realities behind music creation today, such as the cost of computers, equipment, software, and instructional resources?



Tyler Jensen, Senior Manager of Communications, Beatport

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