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Mapping Games-Simulations to 21st Century Skills

During the session we will show specific examples of how you can teach and measure higher order thinking skills such as Critical Thinking and Creativity. After showcasing a game from E-Line Media and a simulation from Pearson we will hear from our measurement expert on the skills demonstrated in each scenario and how it ties to an assessment framework.

The task that will be showcased was part of a research project in 2012-2013. Pearson developed a series of simulation based assessment tasks to measure Critical Thinking, Collaborative Problem Solving and Creativity in the context of authentic scenarios. The tasks were pilot tested with over 800 students across the US, UK, Singapore, South Africa, Turkey and Israel.

E-Line will be showcasing a game-based learning product that taps into the natural passion of youth and connects those passions to core curriculum, and 21st century skills.

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Maryam Tager, Sr. Product Manager, Pearson

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