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Be Here Now: Mindfulness + Creativity

Every day we move through dozens of spaces and places. We participate in lots of inter-personal interactions, conversations and (god help us) meetings. And we spend bursts of time working alone. But how much awareness do we bring to the spaces and places we inhabit while we're in them? How much intentionality do we bring to our inter-personal exchanges? How much creativity do we foster in our own solo working situations?

Often, not nearly enough. Focus is limited, attention is split, and opportunities are lost. This session will explore purpose-driven approaches to the places, people and situations we encounter every day. With an emphasis on how to be truly engaged in where we are, mindful of what we're doing and focused on helping creativity flourish.

Attendees will come away with ways to be better observers, practitioners, facilitators, managers and leaders. Whether commuting to the office, in a conference room full of colleagues, meeting with clients, or alone at a scree




Patrick DiMichele, Director of User Experience, Manifest Digitial

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