SXSW Interactive 2014

Big Data, Big Health: Boosting Your Body & Brain

Big data is becoming bigger and broader by the moment, with new segments of our lives being tested, tracked and analyzed across time and demographics. Over the past few years, online fitness training and tracking companies have built up datasets of unprecedented scale, creating new opportunities to understand, improve and optimize our health.

This presentation will explore what big data can teach us about our brain health, physical health, and the mind-body connection. We’ll also examine how big data from online fitness interventions can help create better and more personalized user experiences. Finally, we’ll explore how these findings can effect change in our everyday lives, as well as translate into larger public policy initiatives.

In this presentation, you’ll hear perspectives from Lumosity, the leading brain fitness program, and Strava, the social fitness and activity tracker. Combined, Lumosity and Strava have over 11 billion data points from millions of users worldwide.

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  1. Can big data insights help us become smarter and healthier? What can we learn about maintaining healthy behaviors such as motivation, training consistency and peak performance from analyzing big data?
  2. What's the best time of day to train your body & mind for peak performance? Day of week? Time of year?
  3. What are the optimal training intervals for your body and mind? How do training gaps affect performance?
  4. What can big data teach us about the correlation of “best performances” for body and mind? What does this look like on an aggregate and personal level?
  5. What are the future implications and research underway, e.g. public policy, urban planning, education, etc.?


  • Michael Scanlon, Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer, Lumosity
  • Michael Horvath, Co-Founder and CEO, Strava


Erica Perng, Sr. PR Manager, Lumosity

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