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Lean In EDU Circles

Lean In Circles are an action-based offshoot from Sheryl Sandberg’s book Lean In - bringing women together, empowering each other to “lean in” in their respective fields and support each other’s leadership and growth. Even in a predominantly female field like education, the leadership - edtech CEOs, district superintendents - are predominantly male. School leaders Mary Cantwell, Alyssa Gallagher, Lindsey Own, and Kami Thordarson launched Lean In EDU Circles to support women in education to “lean in” and take more leadership in their local schools, national education conversations, and edtech developments. In this panel, hear about how their different local Lean In Circles have created local ecosystems where women come together for community building, cultivation of best practices, and exploration of ways to capitalize and collaborate on each circle’s best thinking. Learn about how we launched our Circles, and how you can collaborate with us to start one in your local area!

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Mary Cantwell, MV Center for Design Thinking Director, Mount Vernon Presbyterian School

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