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Africa or Bust! Content, Monetization, Opportunity

A huge opportunity exists for content creators, service providers, brands, and media companies on the continent. In Africa, more people than ever have access to the internet, to the tune of 140 million, but this only represents 13% of the population. By 2020, internet penetration in Sub-Saharan Africa is expected to reach 24.7%, outpacing internet penetration rates across the globe and representing a virtually untapped market with unlimited potential. Africans are using their newly acquired connectivity to engage each other, launch tech starts, develop apps, create content and organize grassroots movements. From mobile money to “smart’ water pumps that send SMS messages when they need repair, Africans are using the web to solve local problems and diversify their economies. This panel will look at the growth, size and characteristics of Africa’s internet market, analyze country specific trends, discuss the content being produced, and outline opportunities for collaboration &investment.


  1. What are the opportunities for content creators, media companies, brands and tech entrepreneurs? Who is currently investing in the local tech industry and what is the impact of such investments?
  2. Which countries are leading the way in broadband speeds, tech start-ups and Internet penetration?
  3. What does success look like? Who are the profitable internet/tech companies founded and managed by Africans? How are content producers/service providers engaging, growing and monetizing their audiences?
  4. Looking ahead, what are some key trends new entrants to the market should be aware of? What are the barriers to entry?
  5. Africa is the fastest growing mobile phone market, with more mobile phone subscribers than the US or Europe. How has this affected the market and local strategies?



Ngozi Odita, Creative Director, Society HAE

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