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SXSWedu 2014

A Lord, a Liberal, Two Geniuses and Sir Knewton Walk...

Knewton founder and visionary Jose Ferreira joins us to deconstruct the American education system to envision the classroom of the future with education provocateur and visionary Michelle Rhee, the former Minister of Education for England, Lord James Knight of Weymouth and the stalwart of PBS Education Rob Lippincott. This powerhouse panel will forecast and highlight the necessary steps to provide student-centric education for American children in an ever-shrinking and technology driven global classroom.

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  1. How can education technologists and developers supply the 'nuts and bolts' for classrooms of the future when they keep tripping over 'caution' tape from ideas and initiatives that have long since died on the vine? Should innovators charge ahead and let education catch up or should they wait for direction?
  2. If technology and data continue to initiate tectonic shifts below brick-and-mortar schools how can we engage educators? How can we avoid passivity from a group inclined to feel short-changed because their expertise has long been dismissed when envisioning the classrooms of the future?
  3. What are the necessary variables to successfully "blend" education with personalized data, assessments derived from and constructed with current curriculum and integrated technology and media without reliance on static content tethered to physical classrooms and schools?



Rod Berger, Co-Creator & Host, RANDA Solutions & Core of Education Podcast

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