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SXSW Interactive 2013

Your Brand's Next Boss Was Born 1 Minute Ago

Put your money away Granddad! Building a successful brand with youth comes at a price, but its currency is participation. The rewired brains of tomorrow's teens will only buy into brands that are cultural from the core and redefine how hey interact with people. This is 'participation branding' and it's how business now needs to think. Participation brands have involvement hardwired into their DNA - from small scale programs to long term platforms. Involving youth in extraordinary content, experiences, conversations and communities will be essential ingredients to move them to produce, play, propagate and play for your products, services and ideas. In this talk we'll explore the 5 principles of participation branding and also give you a glimpse of what participation branding will look like in the future - by sharing how our global client partner adidas is preparing for the 2020 Olympics.

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  1. How do brands create engaging branded content for Gen Z and build digital ecosystems which drive engagement in the digital world?
  2. What are the main principles and behaviours of brands in the future as they look to engage the youth of tomorrow?
  3. What are the key elements of a participation platform that engages young people?
  4. What is participation branding and how can brands infuse it into their DNA?
  5. How will the youth of 2020 interact with brands?



Dan Pankraz, Regional Strategy Innovations Director, APAC, Iris Worldwide

Meta Information:

  • Event: Interactive
  • Format: Dual
  • Track: Content and Distribution
  • Level: Intermediate
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