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SXSW Interactive 2014

The Sofa vs. The Stadium Seat

Most major American sports leagues are suffering from a steady decline in attendance. At the same time, sports networks are experiencing an increase in viewership. The rising cost of tickets, though a factor, is not the root cause of sports fans choosing to cheer from the sofa. So where are teams going wrong? What do they need to do to get their fans back into the stadium? Mark Drosos, CEO of Lodestone Social Media, will explore how to get sports teams back on track to re-engage with their fans and keep them in the stadium.

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  1. Why isn't outfitting a stadium with wi-fi and a new jumbotron enough to get your fans to the stadium? Why is being active on social media also not enough?
  2. What can teams learn from big brand CRM/loyalty strategies?
  3. What can a team do to create a unique experience for the fan?
  4. How should teams incentivize fans to get off the couch and come back to the stadium?
  5. How can teams avoid shiny object syndrome and create sustainable solutions for their attendance problem?



Lindsay Leyden, Social Media and Public Relations Manager, Lodestone Social Media

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