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Innovation and the Work/Life Balance

How can teams innovate while colleagues maintain odd office hours to avoid horrendous commutes, duck out early for kids' baseball games and are perhaps most focused on their jobs working on a laptop in pajamas when the rest of the family has gone to bed? Workplaces are fighting for good talent and can’t be competitive without providing a work/life balance, but how does that jibe with the need to create a team dynamic that generates effective innovation? hasn't completely cracked this impossible case, but has instituted some pretty inspired policies and practices to make sure that its ROWE (Results Only Work Environment) culture is ripe with the level of innovation that has established its web site as the leader within the very competitive automotive Internet space. President and COO Seth Berkowitz will share best practices and unexpected learnings that the medium-sized company has had supporting innovation during the growing pains of its "teenage years."

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  1. How can a company that has grown from a dozen people to 550 employees maintain its existing core product success while innovating for the future?
  2. What processes can be built to inspire and ensure collaboration when colleagues work different hours to achieve work/life balance?
  3. Some of the best ideas are developed during informal conversations. How can teams most effectively innovate whether or not they are physically sharing the same space?
  4. What are some unexpected developments and learnings that come out of instituting a culture of innovation within the work/life balance?
  5. What is ROWE and why do some companies embrace it while others have pulled back on their telecommuting policies? After all, companies like Google, Yahoo!, Nike and others spend so much money on their campuses because they want people to live there - but still need to address the work/life balance.



Jeannine Fallon, Exec Dir, Corp Comm,

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