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Why Fans Can't Buy Good Seats from Ticketmaster

From Springsteen to Cyrus to Bieber, fans patiently wait for the moment they can buy tickets to their favorite artist’s show only to click and find the show is already "sold out," with plenty of seats available to the show for at least twice the price in the secondary market. This seminar takes you behind the scenes at Ticketmaster, the venues, and the secondary market to uncover the truth behind ticket sales. Topics include the practice of diverting the best seats to select venues, artists, promoters, fan clubs and brokers; selling from the "back of the venue;" "on sale" holdbacks and subsequent releases; dynamic pricing; the secondary market (Ticket Exchange and StubHub); and paperless tickets. Join attorney Lawrence Iser, who has litigated three recent ticket cases against Ticketmaster regarding the secondary market, dynamic pricing and the use of bots to purchase tickets, to gain an understanding of the ticketing business and to explore possible alternative business models.




Lawrence Iser, Managing Partner, Kinsella Weitzman Iser Kump & Aldisert

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