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SXSW Interactive 2014

Content and Commerce: The Digital Cronut

The doughnut and croissant have operated alongside each other for years, each awesome in their own way. Until one day, you bring them together and witness the magic unfold – The Cronut. Content and Commerce is the next epic hybrid. Publishers that have built trust with their audience and create intent through their content can monetize that intent through integrated commerce that actually puts merchandise in the hands of consumers. Browsers on the commerce side can be turned into engaged readers, improving the chances of converting them back into buyers, and monetizing their engagement through ad dollars. Advertising programs are strengthened as brands reach an audience that is leaning forward in search of recommendations on how to spend their time and money. Hear from leading content/commerce brand, Thrillist Media Group’s CEO Ben Lerer as he describes the changing media and e-commerce landscapes and best practices for propelling your business forward by merging content and commerce.

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  1. Who are some key players in the space doing a good job mingling content and commerce? What are they doing right? And wrong?
  2. What ever happened to the separation of church and state when it comes to content and commerce? How do you establish and maintain trust with your audience when adding a commerce channel to a content property or vice versa?
  3. What are the options for media companies that don’t have the means to build a commerce platform with internal customer service, fulfillment, etc.? What are the rewards and risks associated with affiliate deals?
  4. How can commerce businesses create content that isn’t distracting the consumer from making a purchase but is actually helping drive them to make a purchase?
  5. What are the opportunities that become available for advertisers with content and commerce?



Devon Giddon, Communications Director, Thrillist Media Group

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