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SXSW Interactive 2013

e-Geaux 2.0 by Pepys Inc.

We want to bring our technocomedy, e-Geaux, to SXSW.

Part theater, part tech demo, all satire, e-Geaux pokes fun at the ways that social media is changing our lives. After audience members log in to our mobile app at the start of the show, our crack team of data analysts and improv performers will remix the audience's actual Facebook data in real-time to create the show's content.

The show's debut at DC's Capital Fringe Festival was featured in Washington Post, DCist, and NPR’s All Things Considered. We're eager to take the show from beta to 2.0 for the technosavants at SXSW.

What they said:
"Have you ever wanted to put a Facebook friend on autopilot? Make them think you care without the time commitment of leaving a meaningful birthday message or the trouble of reading their ranting comments. A "like" here, a comment there — just enough to make it believable? Well, Pepys Inc. has what you've been looking for."

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  1. *How do you know who to "friend" and who to "ignore"?* e-Geaux Amigo can let you know if those friend requests are worth responding to.
  2. *Are you tired of having to pony up for expensive vacations just so that you have exciting photos to stick in your Facebook albums?* We can fix that for you with an e-Geaux Trip.
  3. *Are there a better way to fix your problems than therapy and drinking?* Yes. You'll be able to schedule your first e-Geaux-vention after you see our show.
  4. *Wait, you're asking me to share my data with strangers in a live theatrical performance ?* For real: while the tone of the show is lighthearted, we are deadly serious about the privacy and security of your data. Immediately follow the show, we will sever all e-Geaux connections to your Facebook account and delete all copies of audience data existing on our servers.
  5. *Is this thing for real?* Yeah, but don't take our word for it. Come see the show that one reviewer called, "a wickedly funny social networking commentary, above and beyond what one could ever imagine". http://mdtheatreguide.com/2011/07/fringe-review-e-geaux/


  • Pepys Inc. Improvisers and Technologists, Cast, Pepys Inc.


Joseph Price, CEO and Founder, Pepys Inc.

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  • Tags: performance
  • Event: Interactive
  • Format: Other
  • Track: WTF and Beyond
  • Level: Advanced
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