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SXSW Music 2014

Bad Ass Concert Marketing: Pack The F#cking Room

In a world of increasingly more competition for the public's disposable income, learning how to rise above all the white noise (touring acts, Hollywood blockbusters, sporting events, Broadway theatricals, outdoor music festivals, etc.) is everyone's biggest challenge today. Join our team of marketing professionals with a combined 100 years of experience in packing venues of all sizes. We will be discussing topics that include working on a budget, standing out among all the other traffic, maximizing the resources of your team (venue, label, manager, agency, publicist, and band members), and in the event your team is not helping, or is not in place yet, how to accomplish it yourself.

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  1. How are artists with limited skill and talent able to outdraw my act?
  2. When working with a very limited budget, are there any forms of marketing we can do ourselves, which will be cost effective and make a difference in our draw?
  3. Is there anything the superstar acts do that I am able to do myself?
  4. What is the trick to attracting the attention of the media and trendsetters the first time in a new market for my act?
  5. Is it possible to over work social media with too many re-tweets or overlapping content via different sites?



Dan Steinberg, Managing Partner, Square Peg Concerts

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