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The Naked Future

An app on your phone knows you’re getting married before you do. Your friends’ tweets can help data scientists predict your location with astounding accuracy, even if you don’t use Twitter. Soon, we’ll be able to know how many kids in a kindergarten class will catch a cold once the first one gets sick.

We are on the threshold of a historic transition in our ability to predict aspects of the future with ever-increasing precision. Computer-aided forecasting is poised for a rapid growth over the next ten years. The rise of big data will enable us to predict huge areas of the future—not only events like earthquakes or epidemics but also individual behavior.

Patrick Tucker explores the potential for abuse of predictive analytics as well as the benefits. Will we be able to predict guilt before a person commits a crime? Is it legal to quarantine someone 99% likely to have the superflu while they’re still healthy? Hurry and answer! The naked future is almost here...

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Patrick Tucker, Deputy Editor, THE FUTURIST magazine and World Future Society

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