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Direct to Fan: Showing the love brings the love

Artists are facing an ever-more difficult landscape of making a living from their art. Touring is expensive, and record sales have plummeted, making it harder and harder to stay afloat. Distribution to the masses via iTunes and the remaining mom-and-pop shops is still effective, but how does the artist stay connected to fans beyond posting to their Facebook page or meeting people after a show at the merch table?
One answer is to focus on the super-fan, the ones that know all about the artist, go to every show, and are rabid for personal attention. They want something special whether it's premium seating at a show, a limited edition item, or a chance to be involved in a podcast Q&A with the artist. This group of panelists are here to explain what a successful Direct-to-Fan business model looks like and why it works.

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Mike Jones, Vice President, West Coast , A to Z Media

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