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New Standards for Citizen Scientists

New Standards for Citizen Scientists

In 1958 when Frank Capra produced the classic science education film The Unchained Goddess "Dr. Baxter" proclaimed the dangers of climate change and global warming. Today fewer than 40 percent of Americans believe it is a threat. (Pew) In 1996, when the nation committed to Science for All Americans, about 7 percent doubted evolutionary theory; today it is over 60 percent (Gallup). And according to National Geographic, more than one-third of Americans believe UFOs exist.

The session will begin with success stories--students and teachers working together to achieve great things. Then we'll look at changes that are occurring all over the country. In 2013 the science community joined to create new standards for the next generation. Hear how they will impact public understanding. We'll explain how science will be taught differently in the future, and reveal the real controversies surrounding what critics have called the "Obamacore."

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Learning Objectives

  1. Why are the Next Generation Science Standards needed?
  2. How were the Next Generation Science Standards created?
  3. How will new standards impact tomorrow's citizens?



Juliana Texley, President-Elect, National Science Teachers Association

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