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SXSW Interactive 2014

Beer and Timesheet, How to Bring These 2 Together

Everyone who ever worked in an advertising agency knows how painful it is to fill in your timesheet. There are so many more important things to do rather than punch in your worked hours for each campaign or project that it usually gets forgotten, neglected or simply ignored. To business and team leaders this means they have to pilot an aircraft blindfolded, counting only on their gut to land a project safely. So how to actually make people understand the importance of timesheet to the business? Maybe they'll never understand, so we tried a different approach. And what better incentive than free beer? We hooked up a refrigerator full of beer (and electronically locked), to the timesheet software. It only opens if everyone does their share and fill in their timesheet. And when it does, the siren goes off and everyone gets free beer. After 2 years of the Drink Timesheet initiative we share the dos and don'ts when handling free beer in the office and how to do it yourself at your company.

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  1. How to hack my fridge? A step-by-step demonstration.
  2. Does it work? Do people actually fill in their timesheet willingly?
  3. Punishment or rewards? How to continuously promote this initiative?
  4. Lessons learned: What are the dos and don'ts when handling free beer at the office?
  5. What are the good and bad outcomes of this kind of initiative within the company?



Felipe Gomide, IT Director, Agência Casa / JWT

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  • Event: Interactive
  • Format: Dual
  • Track: DIY, Hacker and Maker
  • Level: Intermediate
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