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Advanced Agile Mobile Design: Android 4.x iOS 7

Advanced mobile design patterns. Agile design principles. Practical expert advice for Android 4.x, iOS 7 UX: Start with questions and walk away with wireframes. Create and test paper wireframes for the core pages of your app, before writing a line of code. Distill the experience down to essentials, and re-invent your interface with mobile-first approach. Learn how to create the design that works by using cutting edge mobile design patterns (Geo-location, Multi-Touch/Motion, Faceted Search, Parallel Architecture, Voice, etc.) Practice designing advanced patterns (Image Recognition, NFC Mobile Wallet). Create immersive experience using lessons from popular mobile games like Angry Birds. Storyboard your mobile interface transitions using inexpensive, practical, effective strategies. Learn practical light-weight guerrilla user testing strategies that will save time and money for your entire team. Take on any mobile design challenge with confidence.

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  1. How do I design simple and elegant mobile interface using sticky note wireframes before writing any code?
  2. How's iOS 7 different from iOS 6 and Android 4.x and how do I take advantage of the lack of isomorphism, new Flatland paradigm and advanced gestures?
  3. How do I use practical, cheap light-weight guerrilla user testing strategies that will benefit my entire team?
  4. How do I create immersive experience similar to popular mobile games like Angry Birds?
  5. How do I create a storyboard of my mobile experience, and how do I use it to help me create an elegant design that works?



Greg Nudelman, CEO, DesignCaffeine, Inc.

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