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SXSW Music 2014

Touring on a Budget

Austin is the live touring capital of the world, and SXSW brings thousands of bands to town that are at best making an OK living off of touring, and at worst are incurring major debt to tour.
The panel could discuss:
-Routing and its affect on costs
-How to put together a budget, and stick to it
-Various modes of transport (van, sprinter van, bandwagon, bus), their relaitve costs and merits
-Ways to put on a big production show without having a big production budget
-What are reasonable pay rates for crew
-Insurance, absolute necessity or too expensive to afford?
-Areas prone to over-spending and how to avoid
-The importance of merchandise sales on tour and ways to maximize
-Ancillary income possibilities
-Tour support games

The panel should consist of business managers, agents, tour managers, and managers whom have vast experience with club & theater level artists, and some artists familiar with the grinding unglamorous side of touring.

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  1. Van it or bus it, which makes the most sense for my tour?
  2. Do I really need to spend all that money on insurance?
  3. Why does my tour manager make more than I do?
  4. How does an artist maximize merchandise sales?
  5. Can I afford pyro?



Mark Scribner, Business Manager, Piemonte & Liebhauser

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