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SXSW Interactive 2014

Big Health Can Learn Plenty From Start Ups

You've heard it before: The healthcare industry lags behind in almost everything. To wit, recent reports show Big Health is nearly three years behind when it comes to content marketing and offering doctors and patients an effective digital experience.
At the same time, nimble groups of do-gooders are incubating ideas and bringing them to life in weekend healthcare hackathons. How do they do it?
This session will empower marketers and technologists in corporate healthcare to cultivate new thinking back at the offices of Big Health. The ship is hard to turn, but we'll show you that there are certainly ways to make your ideas a reality and create new experiences — quickly.

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  1. Q. What's the best way to bring new ideas to my conservative healthcare business? A. Big ideas don't always need to mean big budgets. A good portion of the presentation will talk about creating fast deliverables and how to assess the room to get the most traction for your idea. From working with a nimble team internally, to the best ways to promote traction with your agency, you'll find new ways to impress the powers that be.
  2. Q. I'm certainly not a designer or coder – how do I create rapid prototypes? A. It's easy. With today's modern tools you have everything you need at your finger tips. Prototyping websites and apps come with simple user interfaces and every piece or art you'll need - you can even build experiences with PPT and Keynote. And don't forget good old paper - we'll show you the right tools to use to get your creative thought process moving.
  3. Q. We work with an ad agency. Is there anything I can do to guide them to think more like a nimble digital provider? A. Without a doubt! The biggest tenant that will discuss is collaboration. Working with smart people who know user experience, design and development parameters will always help. While processes can sometimes be lengthy, you'll walk away with ideas to discuss with your team to make it happen faster. As an agency leader myself, I'll help you understand what motivates my team.
  4. Q. Medical devices and pharma are highly-regulated, and the process for approvals is so long - how do we get to market quick? A. I've found that it's important to know all the ins and outs of Big Health's technology approval process, and even that of the FDA. Knowing ahead of time all of the hurdles you'll need to jump through and preparing for them is part of the quick-to-market process.
  5. Q. My IT dept is in the paleolithic era – what tricks will help get them thinking about the future? A. For the most part, Big Health doesn't keep up with modern technologies, which can be bad and good. Building new experiences and implementing working coded models really helps prove vitality outside legacy systems. We'll go over the several approaches on how to get your ideas to market with all approvals in check, and also ways to discuss ideas with IT.



Joe Doyle, Interactive Director, HCB Health

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