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SXSW Music 2014

Life Beyond Music: Musical Hobby to Musical Career

Your back is going to hurt one day, and crashing the floor of an apartment in Asheville isn’t going to cut it. Pizza will not be the most desirable of breakfast foods. Our panelists know this; they’ve been there, and have helped musicians sail the industry’s “Sea of Simply Surviving”. Turning your musical hobby into a musical career can be risky, exciting, and full of opportunity. Speaking at the panel: Scott Booker (manager of the Flaming Lips), Christen Greene (manager of The Lumineers), and Jesse Cannon (Musformation.com, Manager, Producer and Author).

In this follow up to the SXSW 2013 panel: “Money Matters: Preparing for Life Beyond Music” we’ll discuss famine (your famine) and how to move away from the starving artist role. We'll discuss how an increase in income, responsibility and recognition will affect your relationships, money and art.

It’s a tough career: success can confuse good intentions. Our panelists have seen it before, and are here to share what they learned.

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  1. What’s the biggest mistake someone can make when they start gaining success? What’s the smartest thing they can do?
  2. What are some suggestions for dealing with those around you who may start treating you differently when you start to gain success? Any personal stories you’d like to share about this?
  3. What are the first things an artist should do when their music becomes their primary source of income?
  4. What types of teams should artists assemble around them? Where's a good place to find them? How should they vet them?
  5. How does an artist keep success from negatively affecting their art? What are the things they can do to stay focused?



Josiah Albertsen, Financial Advisor, Raymond James

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