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Why You Should Pay People to Learn


Online communities have become big business- so big that many social media and publishing platforms are making huge investments in teaching their users to become more active community participants. In some cases, companies are even directly paying community members to participate in educational programs.

This approach diverges from the traditional means by which education is delivered (an exchange in which learners pay and educators earn).

Why switch things up?

Websites should pay their community members to learn for the same reasons companies should invest in employee development.

HubPages CEO Paul Edmondson will share how online communities aren’t so different from the companies we work for every day, and will also detail the multifaceted benefits of shifting our educational payment paradigm, which include more vibrant, evangelistic communities, effective and empowered users, and a virtuous cycle that benefits all parties involved.

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  1. Why are online communities important?
  2. Why is it important to provide them with educational resources?
  3. Why should online communities pay their members to learn?
  4. How, specifically, do community members and website owners benefit from this model of learning?
  5. What can other businesses take from this model of learning?



Simone Smith, Head of Outreach, HubPages

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