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SXSW Interactive 2014

Notre Dame and Spotify -- Our Playlist, Our Story

How did Notre Dame Athletics use Spotify playlists to sell tickets to their games, increase viewership on UND.com, and show Notre Dame fans and recruits the personalities behind their favorite teams and coaches? In this panel, Fighting Irish Digital Media (FIDM) and Spotify will tell you how our music partnership augmented our social media content strategy, further telling our story and increasing viewership of our teams.
In a world where every college athletics department is on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest, why focus additional efforts on Spotify, a music platform?
In this presentation we will outline the strategy and execution of our Spotify account, how we have used it to support the promotion of our teams and their events, and discuss how a partnership with a collegiate athletic brand widens the footprint of up and coming social platforms.

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  1. How do you make your audience adopt a new platform without them realizing they're doing it?
  2. How does a platform like Spotify tell the story of who you are within a college athletics context?
  3. How does a brand leverage Spotify playlists to support and promote their core events and initiatives?
  4. Why music instead of photos? If sport is a visual medium, and photos win on social, then why aren't we investing in a photo platform?
  5. Does working with a college athletics brand affect a social media platform's digital footprint?



Christianne Harder, Social Media Community Manager, University of Notre Dame, Athletics

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  • Level: Intermediate
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