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Developing a 1:1 Culture in Schools

As 1:1 computing environments become more prevalent across the country, schools are scrambling to figure out how to re-think pedagogy and curriculum. While individual rock star teachers are doing amazing things with technology, few educational institutions have developed 1:1 cultures that are re-thinking the possibilities that exist across grades and subjects when all teachers are comfortable adjusting their collective mindsets to focus on the student participation in a globally connected society. This panel will bring together three stakeholders from the Parker School in Chicago, which has undergone a massive transformation over the course of the last 18 months, developing not only a 1:1 Education Technology plan for grades 1-8, but also a 2:1 (laptop/iPad) plan for the high school. The group will discuss the successes, failures, and debates that occur when developing and implementing a cohesive plan for a school.

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Martin Moran, Director of Education Technology, Francis W. Parker School

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