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SXSW Music 2014

Trailer Cash: How To Hitch Your Music To A Trailer

With licensing fees for television and film in continued decline, trailer placements are more desirable than ever for recording artists, composers, music publishers, and record labels. Meet four top music supervisors who live in the world of trailer music and get their perspectives on this lucrative, yet elusive part of the licensing business.

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  1. When beginning work on a new trailer, how wide a net do you cast to your network of contacts, and what is your general time frame for finding music?
  2. Can you give us a comparison of typical fees in a Film/TV trailer for an unknown independent artist, a composer, and a big hit song?
  3. Historically the music budget for a major film (score and source combined) is 5% of the overall film budget. What is the source of a trailer budget, and what are some of the deciding factors in determining how big your music budget is?
  4. Are you more likely to hire a composer for custom score, or do you prefer to use an existing source cue from an indie or established artist?
  5. What are the most common genres you request for trailers, and do you see that trend heading in a different direction in the foreseeable future?



Steven Scharf, President/Sr VP Creative, Steven Scharf Entertainment / Carlin America

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