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SXSW Music 2014

Making the Transition From Artist to Suit

It seems like everyone in the music biz was in a band at some point. This panel will focus on music industry executives that successfully made the transition from band to biz. It will focus on the panelist's current jobs, jobs that were held while in the band (aside from musician), advice to bands that are self-managed, and advice to those bands/artists that think they may want to enter into the business after their band if they don't "make it." We'll talk about what to do while you’re in a band to make ends meet. How contacts and expertise made while being in a band has helped that person in their current career and more.

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  1. Why did you make the transition from band to suit?
  2. What advantages or disadvantages do former musicians have in your current position in the music biz, as opposed to those who just went straight into the biz?
  3. Is/are there a contact or contacts from your former world as an artist that that has impacted your current role in the biz?
  4. What do you miss (if anything) about being in a band and how do you fufill that need now?
  5. What advice would you give to folks in bands now as to when to make the switch and how?



David Hoffman, Director of Creative , Shapiro Bernstein Music Publishing

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