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Bach to Business: Great Composers and Creativity

During his short, 35-year life, Mozart produced over 600 works--many of them hits--and still found time to party. Charles Ives worked as a top insurance industry executive while simultaneously becoming one of the most influential American composers of the twentieth century.

In this presentation, media entrepreneurs and classical music aficionados Cariwyl Hebert (founder, Salon97) and Chloe Veltman (founder, VoiceBox) explore how six great composers from diverse backgrounds approach the art of productivity and what we can learn from their habits.

With today’s organizations fretting about how to save time and money, and many of us living in a blur of often self-imposed “busyness” as we attempt to justify our existences both in the workplace and at home, learning about how musical geniuses manage their resources is extremely valuable.

This presentation will demonstrate how creative inspiration goes hand in hand with intense industry.

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Cariwyl Hebert, Founder, Salon97

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